What is Chromebook?

Samsung ChromebookA Chromebook is like a laptop, but it just runs Chrome. Chromebox is like a desktop, but it just runs Chrome. The browser.

It’s a different take on computing. We spend most of our time at a computer on the web, so eliminating everything else makes a simpler experience.

Chromebook is a great idea for you if:

  • You use the web heavily
  • You need your data to be always secure and backed up
  • You want a very cheap and light laptop
  • Complex technology confounds you, and you need something that’s very simple to use

Chromebook is not a great idea for you if:

  • You need to sync your iPhone / iPad / iPod with it
  • You’re a hardcore gamer (Diablo III, Call Of Duty and so on)
  • You’re a professional audio / video producer

If you want see one in action, check out this review from GigaOm:

… and if you want to see 34 minutes of detailed unboxing, try this video from LockerGnome: