uTorrent for Chromebook


uTorrentNormally, users download a client like uTorrent to download torrents.


jstorrent is a Chrome packaged app for downloading torrents. Although not completely stable, it does appear to be functional, and (as of writing) the only app based solution for downloading torrents.

jstorrent on Chromebook


You can of course run a uTorrent server on a remote machine and use the web interface on Chromebook to manage it, which is what this machine is best at. However, if you have no remote machine, you can install uTorrent server on the Chromebook itself, thanks to this document from François Beaufort.

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  1. Hi, I actually have no remote control at home. My chromebook is my only PC. I would like to know how is it possible to download torrents files and save them on my Drive/Cloud. I usually use µtorrent. Can I download and save this software on my cloud and then use it!? Can I also play games like League of Legends!? (Download the .exe file and load it from my cloud!? I’m a new user of Linux.. I would like to learn more about that OS. So far, I like it!


    1. Hi Felix – you can try the app on this page for downloading torrents. You don’t need to download any software to use it – just head to the URL – and you should be able to save downloaded files directly onto your Drive / Cloud.

      As far as .exe files go – Chromebooks (or Macs, for that matter) don’t run them. Head to the Chrome Web Store if you’re looking for games – no .exe files needed!

  2. Hello,
    I attempted to get uTorrent to work on my Chromebook. Everything seemed to work fine for wget and the decompression/cleanup, the command works to start uTorrent and it says that it is running but then I get the error line:

    ‘./launcher.sh: line 16: ./utserver: No such file or directory’

    And subsequently, I cannot connect to the gui folder located at localhost:8080. I cannot figure out how to read the code of launcher.sh to take a look and see if there is an issue, and obviously ‘utserver’ does exist because when I type the ‘ls’ command I can see it in the same folder as ‘launcher.sh’. This is about as far as my understanding of this stuff goes, can anyone tell me why this might not be working? I just bought this chromebook a month or two ago, is it not the 1st generation perhaps? Could that be the issue?

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