Netflix for Chromebook

NetflixNetflix is a great video on demand library that streams entertainment goodness to lots of different platforms. On the web it’s usually delivered by the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, which Chromebooks don’t run. However, Netflix have worked with Google to push Netflix over a Chrome specific technology called Native Client (NaCl), so Netflix works great on both x86 and ARM based Chromebooks. Just install the Netflix app from the Chrome Web Store and start rocking.

If you’re a LoveFilm subscriber (UK based), the story is less positive – you can watch trailers, but since Silverlight is also required for streaming TV and movies, you’re out of luck on any Chrome OS device. The good news is that Silverlight is not long for this world. As it gets dropped, Netflix and others who use it for secure streaming will have to find an alternative that we hope will be fully compatible with Chrome OS.

Alternative services

If you’re not tied to a Netflix subscription, some alternative Video On Demand services use Flash rather than Silverlight, and work no problem on Chromebook regardless of your model.