Apple Keynote for Chromebook

keynote-160pxKeynote is Apple’s presentation tool, creating and opening .key files.

Keynote on iCloud

iWork for iCloud, which includes an online version of Keynote, is currently in beta. It has been tested on a Chromebook, and is fully functional.

This online / iCloud version of Keynote does not appear to support the full functionality of Keynote (e.g. master slides or advanced transitions like Magic Move) but works great for simple text and graphical editing and presentation.

The current beta is open only to Apple registered developers, but will be available at to users on release.

Google Slides

Slides is Google’s presentation tool. Everything’s online and it’s totally free. The big downer is that Slides can’t read Keynote files. However, there’s one huge advantage – multiple people can edit one single version at once, even at the same time – you’ll see their cursor and what they’re doing as they type. You can also do a presentation over the web, and see what slides the other participants of your meeting are looking at – neat!

Google Slides
Google Slides


If you enjoy the fancy transitions and smooth design focus of Keynote, Sliderocket is worth a look. Like Slides, it’s a completely online tool.