Minecraft for Chromebook

MinecraftMinecraft is an open world indie game that allows players to create environments out of cubes. It is available for PC, OS X, Linux, Xbox 360, Android, iOS and a Java based web version. However, Chrome OS does not by default support Java and hence cannot run the web version of Minecraft.

Running on Ubuntu

You can install Ubuntu, but this is only for those who are very comfortable technically. If you’re serious about your Minecraft and you’re happy to take the plunge, check out this great in-depth blog post.

Running on Chrome OS

I haven’t tested it myself, but there are instructions for installing Java on your Chromebook and getting the web version of Minecraft to work on Chrome OS. It’s not going to be pretty, and expect to spend time trawling forums and blog comments.

  1. Head into Developer Mode (instructions for all models are here)
  2. Install Java (these instructions are for the CR-48, but should be a useful starting point)
  3. Install Minecraft (which in this case is not just simply heading to the web based URL)

Chrome OS Developer Mode


Although Minecraft for the web doesn’t quite exist yet, the voxel.js project shows the potential. You can see some early examples here – click on any of the voxel-* projects to see it running on your Chromebook.

voxel on Chromebook

I will update this page with more information (fingers crossed for a release on the Chrome web store!)