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SteamSteam has become the standard for downloadable games for PC / Mac / Linux. There are two issues – one, it doesn’t carry software that will run on Chrome OS, and two, it’s not available for Chrome OS. That’s not the end of the story for gaming though – and even better, in order to run games on Chrome OS you don’t have to download any software whatsoever.

The Chrome web store

The Chrome web store has a surprisingly decent selection of games, including stalwarts like Angry Birds, Bastion, Cut The Rope, and Runescape. There are plenty of simple puzzle games as you’d expect (e.g. Bejeweled, Fieldrunners) but you’ll also find games that run in 3D (Need for Speed, Hitman) and work offline.

Chrome Web Store games
Chrome Web Store games


Since Chrome OS runs flash, you also have access to any of the flash game sites on the web like Kongregate. These sites mainly provide casual gaming experiences, but there are some great and addictive finds in there.

Kongregate Heximilate
Kongregate, running Heximilate

3 thoughts on “Steam for Chromebook”

  1. Is there ever a possibility of getting some Windows games as ports for the Chrome OS? This is the only thing stopping me from converting fully to a chromebook.

    1. It’s fairly thin games-wise compared to Windows, but as Native Client apps get better I’d be surprised if we didn’t see a port of DOSBox. Going forward though, I think it’s more likely we’d see versions of traditional mobile games versus big PC titles.

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